EWM82 at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, FL

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Looking for something to do this weekend in the Orlando area?
Check out Holiday Matsuri.

EWM82 products will be on sale at the “Yo Jimbu” Incorporated booth along with “The Lego Man”. Stop by and tell them EricWM sent you 🙂


Join us December 12-14, 2014!

Holiday Matsuri is an festively themed Anime & Gaming convention located in Orlando, FL! Come and enjoy our seasonal spin on convention Contests, Shows, Dances, and Parties!

About EWM82

EWM82 is dedicated to making products that we are personally fans of. We enjoy making things we love while also adding our own personal flare. Fan made products and more for people like you! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!

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