The Dungeon Door – Miniature Project Part 1

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Tabletop game miniatures are perhaps the most fundamental props which help to spark the imagination. They help to paint a picture and ensure that all players envision a similar experience.

With this idea in mind, we have begun our next project:

The Dungeon Door Miniature Project

This project consists of several different types of Dungeon Door Miniatures, the first of which is the Wooden Dungeon Door Miniature with Lock

Wooden doors are probably the most common types of doors in tabletop gaming so we figured this was a good starting place for this project.

Opening a door can help you find treasure, a safe route of passage, a place to rest, or assist with a way to go straight to the “main lair” or end. Dungeon doors might be locked, trapped, reinforced, barred, magically sealed, or sometimes just stuck.

Our Wooden Dungeon Door Miniature LockWooden Dungeon Door Miniature with Lock is surrounded by gnarly rocks and features warped wood grooves as well as a lock which actually has a hole to see through!

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