Necromancer Altar Miniature

Necromancer Altar Miniature Short Description

The Necromancer Alter Miniature features a pentagram on each side and comes with a metal 7/16" Orb of Power.

This is an iconic piece that should come into play whenever demonic or necromantic flavor is in play.

Necromancers are very common in DnD and other tabletop game universes and can be used to create stories of the utmost evil. You can use multiple alters to create summoning circles as well as other 'alter-native' required measures.

Available in stone grey or hand painted.

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Price: from $8.00

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Approximate Size:
A little smaller than 1 inch wide, 1 inch tall at the spires

Each Necromancer Altar Miniature is made individually WITHOUT using a manufacturing mold.