Rock Wall Miniatures

Rock Wall Miniatures Short Description

Walls are one of the most common miniature terrain or scenery accessory for tabletop games. Rock wall scenery doubly so.

This set includes a solid rock wall miniature as well as a crumbly rock wall miniature. An excellent source of cover for your armies or troops.

Rock walls, and visual cue walls of this size and scale, are perfect for in-game cover mechanics.

The solid rock wall miniature can provide a 50% cover bonus in most tabletop games while the crumbly rock wall miniature can provide 25-50% coverage.

Not only are rock wall miniatures useful for tabletop combat mechanics, they are also useful for impromptu missile/projectile weapons especially for giants who enjoy juggling.

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Approximate Size:
1/2 inch thick, 3 inches long, 1.5 inches high

Each Rock Wall Miniature is made individually WITHOUT using a manufacturing mold.

Rock Wall Miniatures Set