Stone Dungeon Door Miniature with 2 Sides

The Stone Dungeon Door is another common type of door in tabletop games. Carved from solid blocks of stone, these heavy doors are often built so that they pivot when opened. Secret doors concealed within a stone wall are usually stone doors.

Suggested Stone Dungeon Door Tabletop Miniature Uses: * The solid stone door side is best used as a secret door or dwarven door * The cracked side can represent a stone door that has been broken or one that slides to open instead of pivots * A player can navigate through by finding a secret level/switch, or they can use a strength check to see if it can be broken down * Heavy tools such as a sledgehammer or use of any number of spells/magic items give characters an easy way around a locked or sealed door

Each Stone Door Miniature is made individually WITHOUT using a manufacturing mold.

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