Wooden Dungeon Door Miniature with Lock

Wooden Dungeon Door Miniature LockThe Wooden Dungeon Door is probably the most common types of doors in tabletop gaming. Our door is surrounded by gnarly rocks features, has warped wood grooves, and has a lock which actually has a hole to see through!

Suggested Wooden Dungeon Door Tabletop Miniature Uses:
* The lock represents that a door is either locked or can be locked
* The lock itself could be tied to a trap such as poison needles that extend out to prick the finger or hand
* A player can navigate through by picking the lock to undo a barred door or they can use a strength check to see if it can be broken down
* Heavy tools such as a sledgehammer or use of any number of spells/magic items give characters an easy way around a locked or sealed door

Each Wooden Door Miniature is made individually WITHOUT using a manufacturing mold.

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