tardis topper

Tardis Antenna Topper

Introducing the Tardis Antenna Topper


A Tardis usually travels by de-materializing in one spot, traversing the time vortex, and then re-materializing at its destination, without physically traveling through the intervening space.

However, this one attaches to your car antenna to accompany you on your travels through normal time and space. A must for the Doctor Who fan!

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3 Step Installation Instructions: * Take the circle insert & slip it onto the car antenna through the slot on the side * Place the Tardis Antenna Topper at the top of the car antenna * Push the circle insert up into the base and you’re all done 🙂 Once installed, please be sure that you cannot slip the Tardis Antenna Topper off the top of the antenna. Unfortunately, all car antennas are not created equally.


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