Tardis Shadow Box Custom Frame


The Tardis Shadow Box Custom Frame is 1 of a kind...literally!
Seriously, we won't be making another one of these!

A Tardis usually travels by de-materializing in one spot, traversing the time vortex, and then re-materializing at its destination, without physically traveling through the intervening space.

However, this Tardis is quantum time locked inside a glassless shadow box.

This Tardis (simply called "The Tardis") was custom made to our creative specifications: * The Tardis extends out of the back of the frame creating shadow box depth. * The black back mat shines to reflect the swirls from different angles. * Each layer of matting is floated above the next to create additional depth. * The blue mat is crushed (that's right!) crushed velvet with a white beveled edge * The custom built frame is one of a kind! The frame itself has 2 layers of beveling. The 'silver' looking small bevel is silver due to the angle the light is hitting it at. The thick outer layer of the frame has a silvery blue tinge giving it that "something borrowed, something blue" weathered look.


Price: $227.00

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